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Until then, China meant to me a country of ambiguous people with slanted eyes, very cruel people who ate swallow nests, braid their hair and threw children into the river.– Hergé

I never managed to breathe life into the character of Spirou. I had more fun with the characters of second rank who came out of my imagination, like the Count of Champignac.– Franquin

Asterix will never be known internationally as Mickey Mouse, it is too European for that. There is no magic potion to change that.– Uderzo

The legend of the sofa is true: the most difficult part of the creation of the Bluecoats can only be realized if I am in a horizontal position on my sofa.– Cauvin

You know, finally, Tintin is my only international rival! We are the little ones who do not let themselves fooled by the big ones. They do not notice because of my size.–Charles de Gaulle, about André Malraux

The main purpose of a sci-fi comic is to turn every thing into an adventure, to stimulate fantasy, to arouse curiosity and why not? To encourage reflection.–Jacobs

TChang was a very special boy. It is thanks to him that I learned to know Chinese poetry and writings. (...) Thanks to him I learned the meaning of friendship and I learned to understand nature.– Hergé

I created Gaston's character to illustrate my own idleness. Even when I was depressed, I continued to draw it, it helped me to calme down.– Franquin

When the Americans walked on the moon, we were surprised to see that, just like Tintin, they wore helmets.– Hergé

I can not ever imagine Gaston joining a political party. He looks more like an anarchist, just like me. I have rarely found someone who exercised any power sympathetic.– Franquin

The comic book is essentially a visual media, the text is accessory.– Morris